“Making it work”!?&#@%


Landscapetreespath Life is always bringing changes to us, we sit in a moment and decide if we are happy, content, does life in this moment still thrill us or is it time to stir or shake things up? I am at a point where it is time to stir things up, certain things have become stagnant, I recognize it has taken me a little time to figure it out. You know the feeling, one thing shows up, it isn’t the best but we allow it, acquiesce to it or put up with it. We do not get the hint the Universe is trying to show us, until another something comes along. Perhaps it is only a minor discomfort in our daily living so we put up with it once again. This dance between us and the Universe continues to go along until we get fed up or something bigger happens to let us know, it is time for change!

So I began a plan of action, yesterday was a small step I had hoped it would bring me to the next “logical” step or at least what I have come to see as the next step of ease, just as we intended life to be. Nothing about this possible next adventure screamed ease although I followed that up with, “I could make this work”. I have no desire in making something, anything work any longer. It either shows up as ease or it doesn’t. I know too much, I have learned too much about how to direct my thoughts and focus and what it looks like when things are going according to a higher plan.

Today, I was feeling the repercussions of the disappointment I felt at what I thought would have taken me in a new, wonderful direction. I sat down as asked myself what it all means for me? I could take it down a path that does not feel good. Nothing every works out for me. I will never find the right X, Y, or Z. But none of that feels good because it is not true…listening to my emotions in this is key. So, what can I tell myself that does feel better? This is simply offering me clarity of what I do want. When the next opportunity comes about, I will have all of the wonderful things about yesterday’s adventure, plus even more of what I have clarified, honed and sorted and sifted. The Universe, God will bring to me exactly what it is I want, we all want. I have absolutely no doubt.

If we must do things or acquiesce in life to make anything work, it is not the path of least resistance, it is not the path of contentment which is what I desire above all. This isn’t something we all learn over night but something we learn with each moment, each lesson we are offered. Not to test us or make us feel unworthy but to guide us to exactly where we desire being in life, for a moment anyway. Life is always moving and shifting like the ebb and flow of the ocean, it is best to learn to ride the wave.

My love, authentically, Tracie                                              big-ocean-wave-wallpaper



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