Embracing Autism

552651_515662595137386_1822809759_n (2) What can all of humanity can learn from Autism? I believe Autism has valuable lessons for all if we are willing to listen. Embracing Autism isn’t a popular way of being, many parents will put up walls right here and stop reading this article at the thought of embracing something that can be so challenging. I agree, it can be a difficult challenge for many parents initially, especially when our children are so hypersensitive to the energy that surrounds them. It is not my intention to force another to see any way of life in the way I do but to simply share my experience, my process, my perspective. I did not always embrace Autism, it has been a long and difficult road but if I may offer hope to one parent, to be the person I was searching for after Connor’s diagnosis, to gently whisper to you, the life that is available to you…can be wonderful.

At one time, Autism represented a life that was racked with STRUGGLE, daily discomfort, tantrums, obvious physical discomfort for our son and the ripple effect on our family was mighty! I was in my own hell of despair and depression, no longer wanting to live my life and I blamed autism. I no longer blame Autism or our precious son, now 15, for the magnificent growth I have experienced and this is available to all of us if we are willing to let down our guard and argument for just a moment of allowing.

Autism is an important part of who Connor is.
Just like his amazing artistic ability, his infectious laughter, his gorgeous blue eyes, his beautiful lips, (totally biased mommy) I would not want to change any part of who he is. As I came into the awareness that perhaps this precious child came forth to be different on purpose, he began to release more and more discomfort he was expressing which was simply a reflection of the discomfort I was carrying within. I became willing to become his student. As I began to accept and embrace Autism as part of who he is, the difficult parts of what many experience of autism seemed to melt away.

Autism is not about tantrums, disruptive behaviors or because something went wrong along this child’s physical path. It isn’t about diets, therapies and trying to cure or change your child, it is about an opportunity to BEcome more tuned in to the life that is waiting for us when we release what is slowing us down. The more authentic I became/become within, the more ease followed within our lives.
Connor has taught me so much about being the person I never knew I wanted to be and yet I feel as though it is who I desired being all along. Perhaps if more of us begin to consider the reason so many children are coming forth with Autism isn’t because something has gone wrong rather, it is a clarion call to become more conscious, more aware, more authentic and mindful. A way of being that will not only serve each person touched by the word Autism but a way of life which will serve all of humanity. That is my prayer for each of you, we have been blessed to learn a way of life that will forever shift a way of BEing for humanity.



  1. Reblogged this on traciecarlos and commented:

    In honor of #Autismawareness month, may I offer a blog near and dear to my heart. With so many struggling, looking for purpose, perhaps looking toward a perspective that may be a little different may be just the thing.

  2. karenwilliams538171610

    Beautiful insights, Tracie, including “Connor has taught me so much about being the person I never knew I wanted to be….”

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