The Happening ~

We are all exactly where we “need to/should be”. Do your best to relax and “in-JOY” the right.


th5XWCABMVI am dreaming so vividly… more conversations yet, no conversation….
feeling yet, there is nothing tangible to be felt.
Being swept into more, swirling…. yet nothing visible to be seen.
Allowing because it “feels” wonderful.
Clarity because I already “know” it, simply remembering…
Veils lifting because it is time/no time.

I have heard for a long time from various sources and teachers, this is to Be, we are to BEcome more, remember more, leaving behind those perceived restraints the ego/mind/society has imposed upon the Spirit. I have been drawn for more than a decade, of/to self discovery. In truth, I have always felt/known of this but for the first 30 years of my life, I tried suppress whatever was different about me to try to fit into the norm which resulted in depression and severe despair. Untangling those limitations others placed upon me which I took on as my…

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