It may look different but…

1173860_231024567048580_309641868_n   I dropped off our 15 year old son Connor for Summer school this morning, he was given a label of autism 13 years ago. I cannot express the joy I felt as I watched him “flutter” off to his classroom this morning, I giggled to myself when I realized I looked at his feet as he fluttered, thinking perhaps he wasn’t actually “walking” on the ground. He still flaps his hands on occasion when he is happy and excited, something I feel no need to change. His happiness has such a ripple effect on others. He doesn’t act like a typical 15, almost 16 year old and yet if you take life moment by moment, if you live IN the moment, the joy I experienced observing him until he was out of my sight, one cannot measure. I told him this morning how happy I was, I get to be his mom. All he said in response was, Yes, but, I know he felt my joy and happiness for his willingness to be my boy.

There is so much talk these days about allowing others to live or not live in a way that is pleasing to everyone else. What if, the reason there is such great diversity all over the world IS so each one of us can take information into our being, sort and sift, come to our own conclusions and, at the end of our day, allow others to live their life in a way that is pleasing to them? What if, it is our individual job to focus on what is pleasing to us, while allowing another to find and focus upon what is pleasing to them? In this way, we allow a world to become free from imposing our political or religious views on others.

When I align myself with this way of BEing, I cannot help but feel absolute pure LOVE of God, Spirit, Source, the Universe, All that IS! When I offer thoughts about trying to control others or making others live their lives in a way that is pleasing to me, this way of being gives me great discomfort within. It feels wrong, off, fragmented, I can feel the separation within and yet I cannot help but offer unconditional love to anyone who may be living in this way, still, and feel that their way is correct. Yes, I desire offering unconditional love to all, even if they do not agree with me. I may not always remember in the moment but it is my desire.

Just because the way any other may live their life in a way that looks different from how you choose to live, does not make them wrong, incorrect or inappropriate. I desire a world that allows all others to live in a way that is pleasing to them. What a WONDERFUL world.


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  1. karenwilliams538171610

    Just beautiful, Tracie! Thanks.

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