Observing is an Art

389537_444831265553853_1805210454_n  When your child is having a difficult time, are you able to become the observer, rather than adding energy to the moment?

Often when our children express discomfort or tantrum, we shift into reactionary mode which will often amplify the moment.
Rather than moving forward with your energy, adding to the negative energy, take a deep breath, find the calm within your being, it is there waiting for you to access it.
The more ‘you’ practice this calm space within, the more power you have within you to soothe the moment rather than adding chaos to the moment.
As you begin to master your own calm space, your ability to sense your own energy will become fine-tuned and you can lead your child into that calm state of BEing.
Tracie ~


1 Comment

  1. Yes! It makes all the difference. Actually, that is needed in almost any challenging situation. Good reminder for all of us. Thanks.

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