Evolution of Humanity

552651_515662595137386_1822809759_n (2) We are evolving as a humanity from my perspective.
It is my belief, my awareness, my understanding, my knowing our children are an integral part of this paradigm shift.
Growth is never comfortable as we have witnessed when our ‘typical’ children go through growing pains, add autism or any other so-called disability to the mix and you understand why our children diagnosed with autism often have discomfort in many areas.

This is why they are so sensitive to vaccines or often have negative reactions to vaccines or any foreign contaminant within their bodies, like processed foods.
This is why all of their five senses are often amplified on many levels, so much so we are left perplexed as to why they may be screaming when we as their parents or teachers cannot understand why they are having such a difficult time.
As I came into the awareness of this evolution Connor was showing me, as I recognized he was not disordered as I was told, he was simply different, an amplified, purer human being, so much relief came over me it was visible to Connor.
This opened up so much for us to become aware of within this new understanding.
As I began to practice unconditional love within my daily life, I began a magnificent journey that is available to all of us if we are willing to be curious about our children rather than doing our best to change who they are.
The moment you entertain this idea, your perceptual reality will begin to shift immediately.
My love,


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