“Your” Work

“If you think that your daughter is your problem, welcome to “The Work”. Your daughter is the perfect daughter for you, because she’s going to bring up every un-investigated concept you have until you get a clue about reality. That’s her job. Everything has its job. This candle’s job is to burn, this rose’s job is to blossom, your daughter’s job is to use drugs, my job is to drink my tea now. And when you understand, she’ll follow you, she’ll understand. It’s a law, because she’s your projection. When you move into the polarity of truth, so will she. Hell here, hell there. Peace here, peace there.” ~ Byron Katie Loving What Is

I was fortunate enough to learn early on in Connor’s life, he was reflecting my “inner” tantrums with his “outer” tantrums.
The moment you can recognize, you are upset with someone or something, if you can hold up the mirror and ask yourself, “Why does this person, moment or action, bother me so much?” You will find yourself on the precipice of healing a part of your soul. Those things that continue showing up in your life, do so, so they may be seen (by you) and healed. Sometimes, beloved angels show up in our lives to reflect back and show us where we need to be healed. Often, they are our own children who volunteer for the job.
Here and Now, Blissful Heart Mom


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