lovelight Tonight, when my husband came home from work, he mentioned something terrible happening in Paris.  I do not listen to the news and because I am sensitive to the world around me, I tip toe around hearing about things of this nature. I recognize many well-meaning, loving people want to be glued to the television to be informed about what is going on. It is far too easy to get wrapped up in the discomfort that is happening and unless you live nearby, you are probably not able to assist immediately. What if you have the power to assist all involved simply by focusing in a way that truly has power to assist everyone?

My first thoughts I heard powerfully within me is, STAY IN LOVE!

From my perspective, energy flows where attention goes, as one of my favorite mystics, Abraham-Hicks says. Certainly what is happening to those in Paris and the repercussions this will have on family and friends will be great BUT, we all have the ability to hold them in LOVE, focusing upon the Divine aspect in each person involved. Sending love, staying in the energy of love can actually assist our brothers and sisters in Paris.

Fear renders every single one of us powerless.

LOVE, has the ability to HEAL the world. Offer prayers of LOVE, not the energy or thoughts of worry or fear to Paris.

Join me in sending LOVE unto ALL, Tracie


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  1. Thank you! You worded that so well and reminded me of how I want to project love, not fear and vulnerability.

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