Focus on LOVE

beautiful-rose-flowers-34569282-940-675With some of the chaos in the world (which I recognize is minuscule in comparison to the joy and love in our world), especially recent events in a nearby county of San Bernadino, Paris before that, so many focus upon fear, being scared and believing things are going wrong in the world. Certainly, I understand and have compassion for those who undergo stress or tragedy, I desire, I am always able to refocus upon the good in our world.
When you know how to create a life you desire, (focusing in the direction of all you desire, finding joy in the little things life offers so abundantly) not giving “air-time” the what you believe/percieve is going wrong. You recognize you must learn and practice looking and observing life in the direction that is how you desire living. Does that mean everything is always perfect? Absolutely not. I am not perfect but I pray I always choose to focus upon love, peace, ease and any other emotion that is so desirable to me.

I cannot look in that direction of chaos, tragedy or those things that others may want to know for the purpose of being informed any longer without feeling physically ill.
I cannot watch the news without finding myself physically beginning to feel ill.
I appreciate how far I have come and recognize on many different subjects, I have much to learn, release and this, is what life in physical form is all about.
I also recognize, no matter where anyone else is on their journey, All is perfectly well. All is going just right. No judgment, it simply is.

While not everyone else sees things this way, I know for me, there is greater ease than focusing on/in the direction as the majority.
Ease, Peace, Love. Stay in love.


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