Appreciating the Mundane

I appreciate the knowledge within. There is no reason to search outside of ourselves for answers, we hold them within. I appreciate learning from…myself. ^.^


sexy-wife1I am a wife to a wonderful guy, the mother of three great children, completely biased of course, our youngest child happens to have autism among his many talents. I have been down the path of insecurity, judgment, fear, trying to do better than others, be better than others, feeling like a victim of life or the circumstances until depression took hold in a big way more than a decade ago. I knew if I were to continue living, I was not about to live life in the same mindset I was practicing the first 30 years of my life. I set the intention to find more meaning within my life. I could not understand why I was feeling depressed, I was/am married to a great guy, we enjoy a loving, fun, content relationship and I have had the pleasure of knowing him most of my life. We created three…

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