Embracing Autism

In honor of #Autismawareness month, may I offer a blog near and dear to my heart. With so many struggling, looking for purpose, perhaps looking toward a perspective that may be a little different may be just the thing.


552651_515662595137386_1822809759_n (2) What can all of humanity can learn from Autism? I believe Autism has valuable lessons for all if we are willing to listen. Embracing Autism isn’t a popular way of being, many parents will put up walls right here and stop reading this article at the thought of embracing something that can be so challenging. I agree, it can be a difficult challenge for many parents initially, especially when our children are so hypersensitive to the energy that surrounds them. It is not my intention to force another to see any way of life in the way I do but to simply share my experience, my process, my perspective. I did not always embrace Autism, it has been a long and difficult road but if I may offer hope to one parent, to be the person I was searching for after Connor’s diagnosis, to gently whisper to you, the life that is available to you…can…

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