Mindful Interactions

I enjoy reading words I wrote a year or two or more and finding the wisdom within my own words. We have this knowledge within us, even if we forget, momentarily.


543821_10151480165074892_450871486_nFor just a moment, think back to a moment in time that made you sad or mad. Whatever that moment was, you had a physical reaction within your body.
Do you remember what the physical reaction to that moment felt like?
You could have just experienced it once again at the thought of it?

Now switch to a moment of Love, the birth of a child, the moment you knew you were in love with your spouse or partner.
What is your body’s physical response to that thought?

In these moments, either positive or negative, you witnessed a change of energy or vibration within your physical body. You can “feel” the shift in your energy on a physical and emotional level.
Our children diagnosed with autism feel this on many levels of their being. Not only their own physical changes within as they witness or observe something in their environment…

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