The Ebb and Flow ~ ~ ~

Riding the wave ~


As human beings we are always searching for things that are constant. We try with all of our might to get things to stay, to be, to not shift, move or let it out of our sight. The more we try to nail it down and make it stay, the more fleeting it becomes. We all reach, reach, reach for what we desire most, money, youth, security, love, anything no matter what name you give it, the more you attempt with physical action to hold onto it, the faster it seems to slip away, like water through your fingers. All of this action to me, someone who is empathic, intuitive, which we all are to varying degrees, feels resistant in nature, it feels like a clog in a drain, a knot, there is no movement in all of those words I used to describe that feeling of trying to hold…

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